Every Church: Every Immigrant

The Immigration Coalition believes that EVERY church can and should participate and welcome immigrants living in their communities. Churches and their affiliated nonprofits have an opportunity to engage on a variety of levels depending on their resources, location, and established connections in immigrant communities. What description most closely matches your church community?

  • Level 101: Churches who are in an exploratory stage, seeking to examine what the Scriptures say regarding immigration in order to discern how God would have them to interact with and serve immigrants in their community.
  • Level 201: Churches who are ready to love and welcome immigrants into their congregations, and/or give financial resources, or individual volunteers to ministries serving immigrants in their local community.
  • Level 301: Churches and nonprofits embedded within or connected to immigrant communities and whose goal is to be a hub of leadership and accurate legal information for undocumented immigrants. These churches or nonprofits do not provide legal counsel but are well connected to other churches or organizations in their community providing authorized legal service.
  • Level 401: Churches and nonprofits that open an immigrant legal services program that provides legal information, advice, and assistance with immigration applications. (Go to this page if you’re ready for this step.)

What Churches Can Do Now” is a document that outlines in more detail each church level and recommended next steps.