Training Tools for Champions

What is a champion?  Champions are individuals committed to mobilizing their own local church--and perhaps other local churches in their community as well--to welcome the stranger, helping church leaders to understand the biblical call to love our immigrant neighbors, to see their presence as a missional opportunity, and to seek justice for those who our vulnerable.   If you think that you're up for it, we'd invite you to join us.  We've provided some tools, and we'll be developing more in the coming months.  To start with, we've prepared a webinar (in PowerPoint format) from World Relief's US Church Training Specialist, Matthew Soerens, to help train you on how to talk about the complex and controversial issue of immigration with evangelical Christians in ways that they're likely to respond positively.  Click the icon below to download the webinar; if you then click "Play Slideshow" from the beginning, it includes audio, as well as links to various resources mentioned in the webinar.

We'll also be adding further resources soon, so please check back regularly!